2021(23th Session) Dalian International Industrial Exposition

2021(23th Session) Dalian International Industrial Exposition



Invitation Letter



Time: 12th May of 2021 to 15th May of 2021


Address:Dalian Free Trade Zone International Convention and Exhibition Center



Organized by: People's Government of Dalian


Supported by: German Manufacturing Association

India Tool Machine Manufacturing Association

South Korea Trade Promotion Society

Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau

Japan Trade Promotion Society

Taiwan Electronic and Motor Trade Association

Dalian Hardware, Mechanical and Electrical Industry Association


Contracted by: Dalian Huazhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


As the old industry base of China, the population of North East region of China has exceeded one hundred million, and its GDP is up to RMB 5000 billion, so it is the key economy sector in China. As the port centre, and key location for air traffic and ocean traffic of North - East of China, Dalian is the center for many fields such as trade, service and finance etc. It is the foreign trade center in North- East of China, and it is the center for high end technology products distribution, finance, information and exhibition.


The operation of Ha'erbin - Dalian Electronic Railway connects 10 important cities of North-east of China, which GDP is accounting for 60% of the total amount of these three provinces. It is 1.5 hours from Shenyang to Dalian, 2.5 hours from Changchun to Dalian and 3 hours only from Ha'erbin to Dalian. So it has realized the fast and convenient traffic condition from the important cities of North-east of China to Dalian in same day. Dalian International Industry Exhibition has been held for over nineteen sessions. Dalian International is developed to the grand festival for the industry of North -east of China, for its fast high railway traffic, nice city environment, delicious sea food, solid industry foundation, advanced facilities of exhibition center, authority exhibition. It is the best platform for North-east region and the world to communicate the industry economy.


The exhibition of this session will be held in  Dalian Free Trade Zone International Convention and Exhibition Centerfrom 12th May of 2021 to 15h May of 2021at the same time. It is predicted the overall exhibition space is 30000 square meters including five exhibition zones, covering over ten industries for 80 categories in equipment and manufacturing fields. Upon the time, over thousands manufacturers and leading enterprises from over 30 countries and regions will attend this exhibition,  such as South Korea, Europe, America, South-east of Asia, Taiwan, Hongkong and mainland of China. The holding of this session of industry exhibition is the important event for North-east of China, even to the equipment and manufacturing industry of China, it will play the actively promoting role for the thriving development of equipment and manufacturing industry in China.


Special audience organization of Dalian International Industrial Expo faces northeast Asia region, with more than 22 years's exploration, audience organization works of the Expo are more scientific, systematic, accurate, all-rounded and diversified. Purchasers from Japan, Korea, North Korea and far east region of Russia increase year by year. In order to realize internationalization of audience of the Expo, the organization committee has established wide connections in hosting cities of the Expo such as Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, Souel and Busan of South Korea to aggressively attract international buyers of northeast Asia regions to participate in the Expo. For domesic exhibitors, the organization committee invites level by level and makes accurate invitation for more than 50 thousand industrial enterprises above designated size in northeast region and circum-Bohai-sea region, and also puts tremendous efforts to invite industiral enterprises in other regions to the north of Yangtz River. Dalian International Industrial Expo has been becoming the platform which fully radiate northeast Asia region in terms of products,               technologies and philosophies.     


We sincerely invite your participation, and we will provide the comprehensive excellent service to you and your enterprise wholeheartedly, and we also hope you can obtain the rich harvest in this session of exhibition.



Focusing on modern Technology, Completely display the value added process for industry chain, Ten major professional exhibition zone, Creating the Hannover Industry Exhibition in North-east of China.


Tools machine and tool and mould exhibition zone: Metal cutting machine, Sheet metal processing and laser cutting, measurement and automatics technology, tool and gauge, mould and accessory of tool machine.


Industry automation and electrical and electrical products exhibition zone: Industry

controlling machine, editable program controller, various meters and apparatus, PTD

equipment, electrical automation technology and equipment, low voltage apparatus.


Fluid machinery and power transmission: Bearing and gear, robotics technology, mechanical transmission, fluid power transmission, pneumatic, spare parts and manufacturing equipment, electric transmission, sealing technology, hydraulic technology, compressed air, etc.

Electronic industrial exhibition zone: Electronic application system,

electronic components and production equipment.

Hardware tool exhibition zone: Metal machinery, tools and hardware, machine tool

accessories, mechanical and electrical products, industrial production safety and labor

protection products, etc.

Cutting, welding and hot processing exhibition zone: Welding equipment, welding

materials, cutting equipment, casting, die-casting, forging and hot processing products,


Industry and cleaning exhibition zone: Cleaning equipment, cleaning products, dust-removing equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment and cleaning agents etc.

Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

The demonstration area of local industrial products and industrial brand emterprises of Liaoning. 

The demonstration area of merchant invitation and capital introduction area of industrial zone of Liaoning. 

The demonstration area of industiral enterprise team of cooperation cities.


Propaganda and promotion of exhibition

1.  Professional magazine and website: the exhibition information will be released in important 200 journals and website home and abroad.

   2. Propaganda in broadcast and TV set: National television,radio ,Liaoning TV

     andDalian TV.

3. Propaganda in newspaper: Dalian Daily, Dalian Evening Paper, Peninsula Morning News, New Commercial Newspaper, and other important news paper in North east of China.

4. Propaganda in association and society: carry out the exhibition and visiting by grouped tours through the association and society by various industry.

5. Image media: carry out the propaganda in TV of Focus Media and Target Media .

6. Outdoor advertisement and propaganda: set up the large size advertisement boards for propaganda in professional plaza of each electronic shopping mall, machinery and electronics business center and industry controlling product center.

7. The on site propaganda of exhibition with same industry: select the professional exhibition of same industry, with great influence and scale in home and abroad, dispatch the exhibition material and admission tickets, make the propaganda and promotion to the targeted customers directly and invite the target audiences.

8. Propaganda in light rail station: set up the propaganda boards in the station of light rail and body of light rail.

9. Invitation to trader: invite the customer one by one through the confirmation of telephone, faxed form, and post the invitation letter.

10. Ticket and email: based on the several years experience, we have set up the huge professional audiences database. Through the telephone, fax, email, posted mail, visiting or other ways, we can invite the professional audiences from each level of each industry to attend it.

11. Agent and other merchants institutions: we have set up the oversea agent and merchants organization in South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other countries, and set up the cooperation with local famous industry association, they can organize the enterprise and purchase group to directly attend the exhibition.

12. We also hold the technology communication meeting, seminar, and presentation meeting of new technology and new products so as to attract and invite the audiences.


Cost of booth

1. Standard exhibition booth


Enterprise in China: 3MX3M 6800 RMB ( 20% will be added for the location in the two sides of main channel)


Enterprise from oversea: 3MX3M  USD 2600 ( 20% will be added for the location in the two sides of main channel)


Note: equipment for standard exhibition booth: Three pcs of exhibition board, fascia board, one business table, two folding chairs, two spotlights, and one 5A power board ( only limited to  AV equipment with power > 300 W).

2. Raw space of indoor


Enterprise from China: RMB 680/ square meter ( not less than 36 square meters, and 20% will be added for the two sides of main channel).


Enterprise from oversea: USD 260/ square meters ( not less than 36 square meters, 20% will be added for two sides of main channel).


Note:  as for the special decoration for exhibition platform, the management fee for special decoration shall be paid by exhibitor himself.


Seminar and publications

○ Seminar: the organizing unit will provides the communications site (10 to 462 persons) and sound amplification equipment, and coordinate the unit to invite the relevant personnel to attend the seminar. The content of the seminar will be published to the publications of this exhibition and relevant media.

○ Print of publications: size of publications: 140mm X 210 mm. It was printed with big quantity and fine quality, and it will be released to the visitors and users of the industry.


Deadline of application of publication: 10th April of 2019.

Cost (RMB/yuan)
Cost (RMB/yuan)

Colorful inside page

Back cover
White and black page

Cover 2 and cover 3
Ticket fee
RMB 1500 yuan / 10000 pcs


Other advertisement: if needs, please contacts with organization committee



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